DrinkAware National Awareness Campaign

DrinkAware wanted to create in-pub communications to discourage potential drink drivers.

What’s a Unit?
Many similar campaigns lead to confusion around what a unit is and how much you can drink and still drive. We decided to remove this element, to create a more simple message.

A Simple Choice
We devised a strong choice-driven concept with the line ‘Drink or drive. You decide.’ This ‘either or’ solution bypasses ‘how much can I drink?’ and asks readers simply not to drink, showing alternative transport. One alternative is a police car, reminding drinkers of the seriousness of drink driving.

Bright and Easy
Stand-out background colours and cartoon-style icons were used to create an eye-catching campaign suited to its in-pub delivery. A competition incentive was used to drive people to the website for more information.

This campaign was successful enough to justify roll-out to high-cost Premiership football match hoardings.

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DrinkAware National Awareness Campaign
DrinkAware National Awareness Campaign