Disney – Game Naming

Disney was developing a Sims-style online game. I was asked to devise a name that suggested celebrity without overtly using themes of stardom or fame.

Names and themes
We developed a number of names, some around the game’s themes, others around the feeling of playing the game and its objectives.

Working Around the World
The name ‘Superbia’ felt new, fun and celebratory. It played on the word ‘suburbia’, creating something unique, special and appealing that worked across multiple territories.

We also devised a strapline to give more detail to the name. It was crucial that the line put the player at the centre of the game, letting them know it was theirs. The line chosen was: ‘Your place. Your friends. Your rules.’

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Tower Hamlets Council – Youth Violence Campaign

Every summer youth crime increases in London, so local councils organise activities to keep young people occupied. The objective here was to raise awareness about these positive activities and drive web traffic to the council’s youth site.

Understanding Behaviour to Craft a Response
Youth research showed an association between weapons and violence, and gaining respect. So our approach addressed this directly, with a simple, directive headline that worked with the visual to question what ‘respect’ meant. Images showed creative activities, such as DJ-ing, through which young people could gain respect and self confidence. The look was high impact, using graffiti and young people to draw interest.

Results: During the campaign the council saw a significant increase in unique visits to their youth website

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