Copywriting training from seasoned, active professionals

When is trainer not a trainer?
When they’re also a writer. If our people aren’t training, they’re writing, regularly at the highest level. So, when they’re in the room with your colleagues, they’re not just passing on their 15+ years of experience. They’re also sharing the craft and expertise they use every day, working on the most current and challenging briefs out there, for some of the world’s most recognised brands.

We’ve chosen our trainers not just because they’re experts in their area, and not just because they have so many years of experience. They’ve been picked because of who they are, personally. Every one of them is friendly and supportive, as well as highly experienced in giving clear, focused instruction in an engaging, encouraging way. They also know how to control a room, manage the process and make sure things are finished on time. So, your team will get the understanding and hands-on experience required, in a way that works for your business and benefits everyone.

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Copywriting training options

Copywriting training 1: Tone of voice training
Your corporate tone of voice is a vital part of the brand. But it only works if it’s applied consistently, by everyone. Our friendly trainers will work with you to build a personalised, highly engaging training experience for your team. With a clearer understanding of how to use the voice, and practical exercise in applying it, your team will take away a renewed confidence and commitment to your brand voice. Find out more.

Copywriting training 2: Developing your brief
The briefing form is a vital document for project development and a crucial yardstick against which to measure the work. Our expert trainers will help your team understand the elements they need to build an effective brief, and apply them in practical exercises, creating their own briefs in the session. Your team will take away the understanding and skills required to build quality briefs and a brief they can start using immediately. Find out more.

Copywriting training 3: Get writing
Putting pen to paper can be daunting. Our supportive ‘Get writing’ course gives your people confidence-boosting tips, creativity exercises, a methodical approach to writing, hands-on exercises and reviews of their work. They’ll take away a new confidence and ability in writing, with immediate time saving and quality benefits for the team. Find out more.

Copywriting training 4: Crafting key elements
There are certain ‘must-haves’ that can make or break your content. Getting these right makes all the difference. We’ll work with your team to help them understand the formation and use of crucial stylistic inclusions. And then we’ll use practical exercises to help bed-in those skills. This includes: headlines, calls to action, sub-headings, email subject lines and P.S. lines. We’ll also give them the creative tricks needed to craft creatively, adding real power and effectiveness to their communications. Find out more.

Copywriting training 5: Intermediate copywriting training 1
This course is for teams who have either taken our Get Writing and Crafting key elements courses or who consider themselves intermediate writers and want to enhance their skills. This course goes beyond the basic building blocks of structure and style. We look at how to incorporate personalisation and character, how to create a story and how to put the reader at the heart of the piece. We also focus on sticking to the brief and staying on-brand and on-message. Find out more.

Copywriting training 6: Intermediate copywriting training 2
This course is for teams who have either taken our Get writing and Crafting key elements courses or who consider themselves intermediate writers, and are looking to enhance their skills. This copywriting training takes a deep dive into what a senior-level writer does to make their work special. We share the tricks of the trade and give practical guidance. We’ll also work on exercises designed to push your people out of their comfort zone, learn new skills and make their writing memorable. Find out more.

Copywriting training 7: The art of editing
With all writing, much of the work is done by re-drafting. This part of our copywriting training will help your team get to grips with editing. We look at how to analyse writing with consideration to the brief, checking style and voice, re-drafting in full and reviewing. Our editing training uses advice, guidance and practical exercises to help your team learn and grow their skills. Your people will take away a greater understanding of editing, with new skills and techniques to effectively re-draft their work. Find out more.

Copywriting training 8: AI prompt engineering
Generative AI is a fantastically useful tool. But unless you know how to prompt, you won’t get what you need out of it the first time. Or at all. Our AI copywriting training can help your team give AI the right guidance and ask the best questions in the right way, to get the most useful output. And then we’ll help your people understand how to review and edit the content. Your team will take away a better understanding of how to use AI for writing and how to edit the results. Find out more.