Internal communications

We keep your people informed and engaged, with regular must-read, love-to-share content.

Inspiration and ideas – on brand and on schedule

We understand that well-crafted internal communications are the lifeblood of any medium-to-large organisation. And we know how important it is to share best practice, so colleagues can find knowledge and inspiration, for themselves and their part of the business.

Must-read communications

Maybe it’s turning a report or PowerPoint presentation into an easy-to-enjoy article. Perhaps you need an event covered, to share the ideas of some inspiring speakers. You may want to interview leaders to allow everyone to benefit from their experience… If you’re anything like our other clients, it’s probably all of the above – and much more. Whatever you need, we’ll create must-read internal communications content that your people will want to engage with – and share.

Working as part of your team

Our writers operate as an extension of your team, working to your timetable and objectives. We can also help with your content strategy, to make sure you have an ongoing stream of content, that informs, starts conversations and makes management more approachable. And of course, we use your brand voice to re-enforce brand values and key corporate messages.

We can give you as much or as little support as you need. So if you need us to help with a single article/blog that’s fine. Or if you’d like our help developing a content strategy, planning your content schedule, developing briefs, standardising content formats and sign-off process, we can do that too.

Our clients

Our internal communications clients prefer us to work confidentially. However, we work with some of the world’s biggest brands to ensure their people take inspiration and knowledge from their fantastic colleagues all over the world.